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Glossary of Terms

Word Explanation
BN (Batch Number): Is the registration number that distinguishes a batch from another during its manufacturing.
Consumption is the operation in which the drug unit has been opened to be given to the patient and every consumed drug unit must be notified to ITS. Hospitals and drug consuming centers are obliged to make consumption notifications to ITS for ever...
DataMatrix is a symbol constituted by the encoded text and/or number characters which is composed of black and white cells on a square (10x10, 144x144) or rectangular (8x18, 16x48) field. It’s general data size can change from very few bites t...
Deactivation is the request of closing the record of certain drugs in the system due to several reasons like taking out the products from the system which have to be destroyed because they have either been defectively manufactured or expired, prod...
Endpoint Address
The mediator addresses which determine the way the users of a service (clients) will access the service are called endpoint addresses. Endpoint addresses are in the form of URL (links).
GLN is a 13 digit number given by the barcode authority, GS1 in order to uniquely define a location in a world scale. GLN indicates the legal, functional or physical allocation unit in a workplace environment or an organization. The location n...
Trade going beyond national boundaries and reaching an international dimension, the increase of fluctuation in product demand, the increase of customer expectations has brought about the need to generate new solutions to boost the efficiency of th...
GS1 Turkey
In 1988 GS1 Turkey has been founded as “National Goods Numbering Center” within Turkey’s highest ranking representative of the private sector, The Union of Chambers and Commodity Exchanges of Turkey (TOBB) in order to provide the...
Barcode NUmber- GTIN (Global Trade Item Number): Is the number which serializes products worldwide and is comprised of 14 digits at most. The Global Trade Item Number is given by GS1.
The Turkish “Pharmaceutical Track and Trace System” (abbreviated as ITS) defines the infrastructure constructed to track and trace all units belonging to each pharmaceutical product in Turkey. ITS is the application of the well-known “Track & ...
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