12.01.2012 | Multi User

With the works of the ITS technical team on 13.01.2012 the Pharmaceutical Track and Trace System has been rendered to provide the opportunity for stakeholders to have more than one user record and to determine the authority of the created users by the stakeholder.

Before these works stakeholders having one user required that every unit or employee that needed to be included within the system of the stakeholder knows the user name and password of the stakeholder. Thus because of this system the need to change the passwords every time an employee quit job or a change of duty had been created which could also give rise to serious changes within the automation systems used by the stakeholder. In addition this situation also resulted in the making of ultra vires notifications either malignantly or mistakenly by everyone who possesses the user name and password, hence it could unfortunately not be found who had made the mistake.

With this structural change the user name of the stakeholder has been changed by adding “0000” to the end of the stakeholder GLN. In other words the user name of a stakeholder whose GLN was 8680001000123 has been changed to 86800010001230000. Their old passwords and GLN’s have not changed.

The user which has been renewed with the changes and whose last four digits are “0000” is now identified as the main user which is non-erasable and whose authorities are unconvertible in the system. This main user can use all the web services according to its stakeholder role as well as access all the menus in the “ONLINE SERVICES”. This main user can also create sub users by using the “Sub User Services” module in the “Online Services” and determine the web service notifications and online services module use authority of each sub user.  Thus the user name and password of the authorities determined and record created sub user can be shared with the related units and in case a problem occurs, it can be examined by which user the notifications were made.

A few scenarios are given below so that the issue is clearly understood.

  • The main user of a manufacturer stakeholder may create a sub user for its product return unit and authorize it just for Product Return Services. Hence, the product return unit will not be able to make dispatch or product purchase operations which it is not authorized of making.
  • A stakeholder which has more than one branch, may create a sub user for each of its branches. Thus ITS can determine by which user a possible mistake has been made.
  • A pharmacy stakeholder can create sub users for each of its employees with different authorities and ask them to make the operations with the username and passwords which are only given to them. In the case of a duty change of an emaployee or when the passwords are obtained by third persons users may be deactivated or their passwords may be changed through the “Online Services”.

The usernames to be created for the sub users will be given automatically by the ITS Portal Online Services by adding four digits at the end of their user names which will increase consequently. Thus when the “86800010000120000” main user creates a new sub user, the first user name to be given will be “86800010000120001” and as new sub users are added the last 4 digits will increase as follows “86800010000120002”, “86800010000120003” and so on.

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