18.04.2012 | Error Codes Reference Web Service

The Error Codes Reference Web Service, is a web service prepared so that stakeholders can receive the error messages in case the notifications made to ITS are wrong or not appropriate to the operation. With this service it has been aimed to provide the access of our stakeholders to the up-to-date error codes and in case error codes are encountered at notifications and read the recorded explanations sent of the error messages and make the necessary changes on it accordingly.

Neither the error codes are removed from the system nor are their content and explanations changed. In cases when an error code needs to be changed, a new error code is added to the system only, and the presence of the former error code continues.

The Error Codes Reference Web Service has been designed with the intention of querying error codes. Therefore, all the error codes recorded on the system, the messages and the explanations of these error codes are returned in reply to each query. It is not recommended to invoke the Error Codes Reference Web Service after every notification or frequently. Along with this it is more feasible to keep the error codes in a local database and invoke the error code service once a day or when an error code which is not recorded is encountered.

Error codes can also be inquired from the error code menu under the listing services in the ITS Portal – Online Services.

For more detailed information on the Error Codes Reference Service you may examine the “Guidelines on ITS Reference Web Services” document.

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