17.10.2011 | ITS Private Meeting with USA FDA Commissioner and Technical Team

ITS Private Meeting with USA FDA Comissioner and Technical Team
13-16 Ekim 2011 / Maryland / ABD

Turkish Pharmaceutical Track & Trace System (ITS) team has been invited to the USA on October 13-16, 2011 by the USA Food and Drug Administration (FDA) Commissioner Margaret A. Hamburg, M.D. to talk about ITS.


Margaret A. Hamburg, M.D. – FDA Commissioner
Dr. Ekrem Atbakan – Turkish Ministry of Health Deputy Undersecretary
Hüseyin Doğan – Turkish Washington Embassy Undersecretary
Taha Yaycı – Nart Informatics (TechN’arts) CEO and ITS Project Coordinator
Layla I. Batarseh – FDA Middle East and North Africa Region Manager
Jorge F. Christian – FDA International Policy Analist
Laird D. Treiber – ABD Embassy Undersecretary of Economics
Eda Cindoğlu – Turkish Medicines and Medical Device Agency Consultant
The meeting has starter with the greetings and compliments of FDA Commissioner Margaret A. Hamburg, M. D. Then TechN’arts CEO and ITS Project Coordinator Taha Yaycı has presented the experiences related to ITS, and show the ITS applications on real production system. After the presentation, the questions of the attendees were replied. 
At the end of the meeting FDA team has presented their thanks and conveyed their satisfaction and pleasures to Turkish delegates with the wishes of mutual collaboration and to meet again.


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