04.07.2011 | Private Meeting with USA FDA Commissioner

Private Meeting with USA FDA Commissioner
July 4, 2011 / Istanbul / TURKEY

At the 4th July, USA Independence Day, USA Food and Drug Administration (FDA) Commissioner, Margaret A. Hamburg, M. D. has visited Istanbul and meet with the Nart Informatics (TechN’arts) CEO and ITS Project Coordinator Taha Yaycı. On behalf of Turkish Medicines and Medical Device Agency, Pharm. Ms. Sc. Yasemin Karabey has also attended the meeting.
Taha Yaycı has presented “ITS Applications, Processes and ITS Related Experiences” titled presentation to the attendees and replied the questions of them. He also mentioned about the future objectives of ITS to the attendees.
Margaret A. Hamburg, M. D. admired about ITS Project and invited Taha Yaycı and ITS team to the USA.
After the meeting, attendees conveyed their pleasures and they left off with the good wishes.


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