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Glossary of Terms

Word Explanation
The operation of identifying each drug as a unit so that all the actions taken place from the production to consumption of each drug can be tracked and traced is called serialization. Serialization prevents fraudulent and counterfeit drugs; hamper...
Shrink (Bundle)
Bundles, also called as shrinks in the sector, is a method of packaging to keep two or more products together with a shrinkwrap made out of polymere plastic. The shrinkwrap has a structure which shrinks so that it wraps around the material when he...
SN (Serial Number): The unique registration number defined by the manufacturers for each unit/package on the basis of products.
SSCC is a coding system with specified regulations designed for transport packaging and is used for the unique identification of transportation units. The identification and numbering of transportation units greatly facilitates logistic operat...
Private and official institutions which are affected by the Pharmaceutical Track and Trace System (Manufacturer, Exporter Company, Pharmaceutical Wholesaler, Hospital, Pharmacy, Reimbursement Company, Family Physician etc.)
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