What is ITS?

Project Definition

ITS Project Definition The Turkish “Pharmaceutical Track and Trace System” (abbreviated as ITS) defines the infrastructure constructed to track and trace all units belonging to each pharmaceutical product in Turkey. ITS is the application of the well-known “Track & Trace” structure applied to the pharmaceutical industry. The serialization providing the uniqueness of the units is ensured by the DataMatrix code instead of formerly used barcode. The ability to track each drug unit is provided by gathering the information of each unit in every single step and action; and traceability is provided by its pedigree.

İTS is the first successful and unique application of “Pharmaceutical Track and Trace System” in the world. ITS is designed to track the location of every drug unit to ensure the reliable supply of drugs to patients. Therefore, all the drugs on the market are traced by notifications in all phases from production to consumption. Thus; the sale of fraudulent drugs, drug theft and barcode scams are prevented. In addition, if required, drugs can easily be recalled due to traceability of stocks.

2.5 billion drug units per year and about 10 transactions for each drug unit is tracked and traced with the Pharmaceutical Track and Trace System.

Through the successfully applied Pharmaceutical Track and Trace System, it is possible to present Turkey’s success in the information sector to the whole world and increase our national brand value. Applying the Pharmaceutical Track and Trace System which is being developed in Turkey at an international level and setting its world standards by our country is being targeted.

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