What is ITS?


ITS Objectives

The secure delivery of drugs to patients is as important as the access to drugs is. A number of complaints concerning the issues of counterfeit drugs and barcode scams in our country remained on the agenda in the recent years as it did in other countries. To prevent the re-selling of the same drugs a method was developed in which barcodes of packages were clipped. However because of this method the packages were opened which negatively affected the reliability of drugs.

ITS has started to operate throughout the country since January 2010, which primarily aims at providing secure access to drugs, the prevention of re-printing of drug packages in unknown addresses and preventing corruption like the repeatedly selling of drugs by taking out the drugs from the packages which have already been sold by reimbursement companies and repacking them.

The primary objective of ITS, is to guarantee and provide the reliable supply of every single drug unit. With ITS drugs are taken under the tracking of the Ministry of Health from production to consumption, moreover in case of any problem the situation is intervened in with transactions like recalling the drugs. Besides the tracking of drugs in terms of pharmacovigilance and patient safety until they reach the patient which is the last point they reach;

  • Preventing the sale of counterfeit drugs,
  • Preventing the sale of smuggled drugs,
  • Preventing the illegal sale of drugs,
  • Preventing barcode scams,
  • Supporting the rational use of medicines,
  • Providing data of drugs for market control

has been targeted.

ITS does not demand any information on financial matters.  ITS does not change already existing parameters, does not regulate and suggest any changes concerning the returning or exchanging of products and any of the commercial subjects. 

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