What is ITS?


ITS is is the first successfull, innovative and unique system in the world. ITS is designed to track the location of every drug unit to ensure the reliable supply of drugs to patients.

The primary objectives of ITS which are;

  • The preservation of public health,
  • The providing of reliable drug supply,
  • The official registration of the reliability of drugs,
  • And the increasing of service conditions have been achieved.

On the other hand, the secondary objectives stated below, have also been met;

  • The prevention of package and barcode scams,
  • The prevention of the illegal selling of drugs,
  • The prevention of the selling of counterfeit drugs,
  • The prevention of drug theft,
  • The supporting of the rational use of medicines,
  • The abolition of the work load which is brought through the case where clipping of packages and barcodes are the basis for reimbursement,
  • The prevention of drugs becoming unusable due to the falling and breaking of drugs from the clipped packages,
  • Revoking the application of green/red prescriptions,
  • Supporting the fight against narcotics,
  • Preventing the black market which especially arises during epidemics,
  • Taking instant and precise actions on recalls,
  • Doing effective and accurate market surveillance and inspection,
  • Making faster decisions and doing more consistent estimations by using instantly updated data,
  • Preparing effective administrative reports to manage the pharmaceutical industry,
  • Preventing tax fraud by reports created using the stock and sale data of the participants,
  • Regulating participants such as wholesalers, public and private hospitals and pharmacies by certain standards and support their workflow by software applications.
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