26.01.2012 - 27.01.2012 | TechN'arts has Presented ITS at eTACT Workshop in France

TechN'arts has Presented İTS at eTACT Workshop in France
January 26 - 27, 2012 / Strasbourg / FRANCE

Nart Informatics (TechN'arts) CEO and İTS Project Coordinator Taha Yaycı has presented İTS at the eTACT project workshop in France and shared his İTS related experiences with the attendees.

At the "Turkey's GS1 Applications" themed meeting, PTS applications, XML files and SSCC labels in Turkey have been discussed.


  • Dr François-Xavier Lery - eTACT Proje Manager
  • Dr Hans-Joachim Bigalke – European Council
  • Mr. Klaus Gritschneder - EAMSP Deputy Director and Secretary General.
  • Taha Yaycı – Nart Informatics (TechN’arts) CEO ve İTS Project Coordinator
  • Mrs Claudia Biffoli – Italian Ministry of Health.
  • Dr. Georges France - Pfizer
  • Christoph Krahenbühl - EFPIA General Director
  • Monika Derecque-Pois - GIRP General Director
  • John Chave - PGEU Secretary General
  • Maarten Van Baelen - EGA Director of Sanitary Affairs
  • Heinz Kobelt - EAEPC Secretary General
  • Roberto Frontini - EAHP President
  • Janice Kite – GS1 Supervisor

  • Dr François-Xavier Lery - eTACT Project and the Development of the Project from Past to Present
  • Dr Hans-Joachim Bigalke - Good Distribution Scenarios and Counterfeiting Situations
  • Klaus Gritschneder - Operational Constraints
  • Taha Yaycı - Turkish Pharmaceutical Track & Trace System (İTS): Lessons Learned from Control, Inspection and Application
  • Dr. Georges France - Economic Orientation from an Industry Perspective
  • Claudia Biffoli - Bollino System: Lessons Learned from Control, Inspection and Application
  • Janice Kite - Standards, Cooperation and GS1 Unity


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