20.12.2012 | TechN'arts Presented ITS in Pakistan

TechN'arts Presented ITS in Pakistan
20-25 December, 2012 / İslamabad / Pakistan
Nart Informatics (TechN’arts) CEO and Pharmaceutical Track & Trace System (ITS) Project Coordinator Taha Yaycı, TechN’arts Software Projects Team Leader İsmail Taha Aykaç has presented ITS in Pakistan on December 20-25, 2012.
Invited by Interactive Group Company operating in Pakistan, TechN’arts team was accompanied by the Company Directors to met with the authorities of Ministry of Health, Pakistan.
TechN’arts team presented ITS the meeting with the Drug Regulatory Agency (DRA) Authority Dr. Abdul Rashid and replied the questions. After this impressive ITS presentation, a meeting with DRA Chief Drug Controller Dr. Rasheed Siddique was held and TechN’arts team expressed their opinions about a similar system planned to be implemented in Pakistan for drug traceability. Moreover, TechN’arts team shared their experiences of ITS, replied the questions of attendees and made an exchange of ideas and opinions for a pharmaceutical track and trace system intended to be implemented in Pakistan.
Furthermore, TechN’arts team also met with the Pakistan Army Authorities and shared their opinions about the benefits of a system like ITS.
Finally, TechN’arts team met with the DRA technical team and shared information about ITS infrastructure, used technologies and ITS applications.
TechN’arts team conveyed their pleasures to Pakistan Authorities and left the country with the wishes to meet again.


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