04.06.2013 | ITS Meeting with Egypt MoH Delegates

ITS Meeting with Egypt MoH Delegates 
June 4, 2013 / Ankara / TURKEY
Delegates from Egypt Ministry of Health Technical Office, Pharmaceutical Sector, and Pharmacies and Warehouse Inspection Office has come to Turkey and visited ITS applications on-site on June 4, 2013. They talked about mutual collaboration between two countries on ITS.
Marian El-Debeiky from Egypt Ministry of Health Technical Services Department, Yasin Ragney Afifi from Pharmaceutical Sector Department, Mohamed El-Safty from Pharmacies and Warehouse Inspection Office, Taha Yaycı, CEO and Cem Bayazit, Projects Coordinator from Nart Informatics (TechN’arts), Yasemin Akyürek, Z. Gülşen Öner, Seren Çelebier and Serap Malçok Altunkan from Turkish Medicines and Medical Devices Agency have attended the meeting.
Meeting has been held in the frame of the Agreement between the Government of the Republic of Turkey and Government of Arab Republic of Egypt on Cooperation in the Field of Health on Drug Tracking System which has been signed on February 2, 2013. 
At the meeting, ITS has been presented with all details and mutual contact was made to exchange ideas for ITS to be applied in Egypt.
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