24.12.2012 | An Interview from Taha Yaycı about ITS for ColdChainIQ

An Interview  from Taha Yaycı about ITS for ColdChainIQ 
December 24, 2012 / ColdChainIQ
ColdChainIQ, a division of IQPC (International Quality&Productivity Center), requested an interview on Pharmaceutical Track&Trace System (ITS) from Taha Yaycı, Nart Informatics (TechN’arts) CEO and ITS Project Coordinator. Taha Yaycı accepted the request and spoke to ColdChainIQ about ITS: Cost, Control and Counterfeiting.
The interview has been published on ColdChainIQ web portal and drawn great interest. Interview could be either played from below or received from ColdChainIQ's site .Click here…

You can also reach the transcript of the interview. Click Here...


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